By Dr. Isabelo F. Magalit – manong Bel was the president of Asian Theological Seminary for 16 years- from 1989 to 2005. He has written a dozen books and booklets, including Who is a Real Christian? He served as IVCF Philipines General Secretary from1966-1975 and 1980-1981.

If the billionaire Bill Gates will set aside 10% of his personal wealth of 45 billion dollars to fight the main pandemics in the world—PTV, HIV-AIDS, Dengue, Malaria—would we call him generous? Of course we would! 4.5 billion dollars is a very large sum of money! Coming from one person, that person will have to be very generous indeed.

Over the years, my understanding of generosity has changed somewhat.  The gold standard is still the poor widow the Lord Jesus referred to.  She was giving only two mites but that was all she had! There is no question about her generosity.

All my adult life, most of which I was father to four kids and husband to one wife, our family lived what was probably a middle-middle-class existence.  We lived in rented quarters, the children attended middle class schools and all four graduated with degrees from UP Diliman.  We always had a car—a VW Beetle, a California Sentra, a Minica 357, and a Mazda Familia.  We spent little on entertainment (hardly went to the movies) but managed an annual holiday in Baguio for a week at the OMF Mission Home.  I served at the OMF Home Council for some 20 years, and learned a great deal about missions.  The last time I spent money on myself, I bought a pair of rubber shoes for table tennis.  That was when I decided to use this criterion for generosity: How much do I spend on myself (shoes and the like) and how much do I give away—to the church, to missions, to the needy and others?  I concluded that I was not really generous.

I wondered if Inter-Varsity staff are generous, using the criterion above.  I don’t know.  I do know that when Lety and I were on Inter-Varsity staff, our salaries were often not paid on time.  It was small and when paid late, it seemed very much smaller! We did not complain.  We took Matthew 6:33 as our attitude to earthly goods! And the Lord has kept His word in providing for all we have ever needed.


1. Pray with us as we prepare for National Conference 2017

For the Exec Com – that they will continue to have a good working relationship with one another and with their co-committee members.

  • Over-all: Christy (pray for hawk-like eyes for details)
  • Program: Di Fernandez and Emadel Cañon
  • Admin: Reinstary Arlegui and Eumir Villamor
  • Secretary: Imee Gregorio
  • Treasurer: Jo Sanchez
  • Campaign/Promo: Arabelle Morales

That NC will indeed be a time for the IVCF constituents to hear from God and His direction for the movement in the next years. May it be a very meaningful and fruitful time individually and corporately.

Pray that God will convict IVCFers to attend and register online early.

2. Program Committee preparations

  • Overall Di Fernandez and Emadel Cañon
  • Music & Worship: Rachel Jentapa, Eli Canonigo and Novie Delima
  • Special Events: Mizpah Villamor, Arjay Janoras, Jackie Rosete
  • QT & Small Groups: Lala Pla and Cyreen Dela Cruz
  • Workshops/ Seminars: Macoy Jordan and Jacky Orlandez
  • Missions Exhibits: Chen Guillas, Asnaira
  • Prayer: Sam Redelosa
  • Multimedia: Elecil Nisnisan, Leon Mendigorin
  • Honorees Com: Pearl ovalles, Mark Jordan

Pray for the preparation of all our speakers (plenary/seminars). May they speak God’s word to us as IVCFers in a powerful way.

Pray for the video stories being done by the multi-media team, that God will give them wisdom, creativity and accuracy.

3. Administration Committee

  • Directors: Rein Arlegui, Eumir Villamor
  • Registrars: Lanilyn Arlegui, Jake Abiva, Joy A, Ian G, Seriah
  • Secretariat: Jonahliza Sinday and Kennel Pangaral
  • Transportation: Blair Aguil and Jeff Borja
  • Physical Facilities: Efrain Balawag, Soste Ebitner, Ian G
  • Stage Design: Leon Mendigorin and Cyreen dela Cruz
  • Security: c/o Eumir
  • Health & Medical: Faith Macabenta, Cris Soliven, NCF (on call)
  • Hospitality: Mitch Casiano, Jonathan Sinday, Norie (pt), Rigel (pt)
  • Accommodation: CJane Layao and Pearl Ovalles
  • Childcare: Tess Abiva, Paulo Bibay, Junie Batocael and Mignon Martinez(pt)

4. Campaign & Promo

  • Campaign Director: Ara ( with Christy, Dot, G-Jeff)
  • Graphic Design: *Andeng Pallones
  • Promotions: Charlie Gujol, Jake, CJane
  • Solicitations: Pearl
  • Collaterals: Aldwin Fernandez

God is moving many people to partner with us financially – praise God! Pray that we will be able to contact more people and organizations/businesses who can be our corporate partners. May God move their hearts to give generously! Pray that we can meet our budget target.

5. Secretary – Imee

  • Handbook: Jacky
  • Documentation: Fenny, Soste
  • Video Recording: Jon and BJo Dolotallas
  • Video & Photo: Charlie, Elecil, Loj, Cel, Dave S.

Pray that materials for the handbook will be handed in by the speakers and QT writers in time for printing.

6. Treasurer: Jo Sanchez

  • Food: Pearly
  • NC Shop: Cjane, Ira Dela Cruz

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