Stimulating Seminars

Explore how to biblically engage current issues that affect Christian witness locally and globally. Choose one from the following options:

  1. Movement-building in the Workplace
    Learn how to build communities that evangelize and disciple fellow workers in your workplace.
  2. Reaching Nations Here at Home
    Appreciate why an International Student Ministry is strategic for your IVCF chapter and learn how to pioneer your own ISM.
  3. Reimagining Inter-generational Connections
    Rewire your relationships with elders, boomers, Gen-Xers, millennials, and GenZs and build a more loving community.
  4. Renewing Our Witness in a Post-Truth World
    Learn how to evangelize and disciple in a culture where truth is relative or even considered irrelevant.
  5. Restoring a Biblical Sexuality for the Filipino Church
    Address the pervasive but subtle sexism that still exists even in our Christian communities.
  6. Revisiting Church and State Relations in a Philippine Democracy
    Apply biblical teaching about how the Church should relate to the State in the context of how our own democracy is developing.
  7. Building Peaceable Communities in an Increasingly Hostile World
    Go beyond conflict resolution and learn how to build communities that practice peace.
  8. Renewing Human Dignity, Rebuilding Society
    Appreciate how our Christian commitment to social justice includes a commitment to value human dignity especially of those in the margins of our society.

Opening Ceremony

Celebrate the diversity of the nine regional teams that make up our one movement. Celebrate God’s works by recounting our history and honoring the legacy of our pioneers.

Contemplative Mornings

Listen to God through the expositions of the book of Haggai; then listen to fellow IVCF people and together discern God’s word and direction for the IVCF movement. Conclude the morning in corporate worship.

Inspiring Exhibits

Explore more concrete missions involvement through our partner mission organizations.

Collaborative Convergences

Exchange stories with other participants engaged in similar fields and vocations.

Regional Meetings

Dialogue as a regional team about what the National Conference proceedings will mean for your regional movement.

Reunion Lunches

We love reunions! Every combination is welcome – by KC batch, by school, etc.

Engaging Evenings

Re-envision the roles of the movement in nation building and in missions mobilization.

Closing Ceremony

We’ll end our precious time together by reaffirming our commitment to God, to one another, and to God’s mission by sharing in the Lord’s Supper.

Refreshing Spiritual Retreats (optional track)

Needing spiritual renewal and or discernment? Join our guided retreats for couples and individuals.