Written by: Herman Moldez, former IVCF General Secretary and current Chairman of the IVCF Board Of Trustees.

An important issue we must challenge today is the notion of success. In this world, those considered successful are prestigious and prosperous. They are the winners, the best in their chosen career. Successful people command power and privilege. Many join the race for the perks. They compete and compare with one another to be successful. Sadly, Christians have not been different from the secular people. They still seek titles and trophies to show who is the greatest.
Success is not really wrong. What we must resist is worldly success by seeking attraction and security for ourselves through performance, position, prosperity, and power. They don’t define who we are. They are not the key to happiness, much more to holiness.

Jesus reversed the notion of viewing success from the top. As Christ’s disciples we follow a different agenda. While the people of the world struggle to the top to be recognized, we serve below to fade away. Like Jesus we would rather let go of prominence to obey God’s call to serve in the lowliest place and trust God to raise us up with him.

Jesus said the last will be first and the leader must serve. The little child and lowly servant are the ones considered greatest in the Kingdom of God. It will require much humility to go down below to serve the little people in the lowly places of this world. We’ll choose to walk and work in the hidden places in simplicity and vulnerability. The world may regard us pathetic failures but if we are faithful, fruitful, and finish well, God will say, “well done good and faithful servant.”

For reflection:

Why will it take humility to be honored in the Kingdom of God?

As an IVCF member, what can you do to promote organizational humility?
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1. Praise God that after eight years we – students, graduates, volunteers and staff – will gather again at a National Conference (NC). Pray for how God will use this NC to renew us as His people so that we obey Him and are jealous for His glory among the nations. May God also use NC to rebuild our movement so that IVCF is more responsive to the challenges of our time and society.

2. Praise God that Mr. Daniel Bourdanne, General-Secretary of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), will be our lead Bible expositor. (IVCF is a member movement of IFES that links student movements in more than 150 countries). Praise God also that Ms. Lisa Espinelli-Chinn will be one of our plenary speakers. Pray for them and all other resource persons as they prepare for their sessions.

3. Praise God for giving us a good venue – the CCT Tagaytay Retreat & Training Center. Pray for a harmonious working relationship with the CCT-TRRC administration.

4. We are prayerfully expecting God to lead us at NC. Thus, we hope that the key stakeholders of our movement will be there so that they can help to share and propagate the NC experience and outcomes to all our constituents. Please pray that all our Board members, regional council members, and volunteers will be able to participate. Pray also that each of our ISCF, NCF, and college chapters will be able to send at least one representative. Pray also for the participation of our ministry partners and donors.

5. Please pray for God to provide the P3M subsidy for the Conference.

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