Written by: J. Rizaldy Harder – kuya Zaldy was IVCF National Director from 2006 – 2007. Presently, he manages a software firm InfoDynamics Technologies. His family attends the University Church at CPU, Iloilo City where he currently serves as Chair/Moderator of the church council.

“Then they would put their trust in God and…would keep his commands”.  Psalms 78:7

Nothing impacts the Christian life more after conversion than the believer’s quality of trust in God and his subsequent actions that either negate or affirm it.

The story of Adam and Eve and that of Mary and Joseph tell of contrasting results on the essence of trusting and obeying God. Adam and Eve’s conjugal disobedience withheld the good that God planned for humanity. Sin interfered and brought chaos, hardship, endless conflicts, death and separation from God.

Mary, after the angel proclaimed that as a virgin she will bear a child, was deeply troubled. But her faith prevailed and she trusted God saying “Let it be done to me”. A disheartened Joseph planned to divorce Mary, but after the angel’s call, he trusted and quickly obeyed God’s command. Theirs was a spiritual synergy of full trust and absolute obedience to God which ushered the birth of Jesus, the revelation of God’s love, the realization of hope, healing, peace, grace and reconciliation with God through Christ.

While Adam and Eve doubted God, Mary and Joseph thoroughly trusted Him. The former couple failed bigtime to walk the talk, while the latter waltzed in flawless obedience. The first brought separation; the latter, reconciliation. The former sowed sin and death, while the latter’s obedience harvested forgiveness, restoration, salvation and new life in Christ!

Trust must be the foundation of our obedience if we are to please God, “…for without faith it is impossible to please Him”. Perfect trust is to let go and let God. Obedience is to do quickly what affirms that trust. No ifs, no buts.

If there is “more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents,” can you imagine what heaven becomes when multitudes fully trust and flawlessly obey Christ every day? Imagine heavenly explosions of celebrations, loud thunderous euphoria, and ceaseless alleluias to flood all the heavenly realms to rapturously shake with joy! When we trust and obey God, all heaven rocks! Through authentic trust, birthing a bold obedience, we become rockers for Christ. Truth to tell, we are called to be no lesser.


What hinders your trust in God to be unconditional? And for whose praise and service is your obedience directed? Whose end does it serve -yours or God’s?

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Pray with us as we prepare for National Conference 2017

COMMITTEES. Pray for the Multimedia team (Elecil and Leon) as they oversee the production of six short video stories to be used at NC. Pray for creativity as the writers and producers work on these short videos. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom as each committee continues to plan/work these next months leading up to NC. May the Lord provide strength, patience, grace as all of us are also busy with staff work.

FINANCES. Pray for how the Lord will provide the PhP 5M we hope to raise for NC (part of it will hopefully go to our stabilization fund). Our projected income from registration fee is so much less than our projected expenses, so we have to raise a big subsidy. We need wisdom who to approach for major donations and who to send solicitation letters to. We need God’s leading what/how to engage in creative ways to raise funds. Pray that God will touch people’s hearts to give generously.

SPEAKERS. Praise God for the slate of Conference speakers that we have representing a broad range of experiences and who are leaders and practitioners in their fields. Pray for their preparation for their talks at the NC.

PARTICIPANTS. Pray that God will work in the hearts of our BOT, RAC, students, graduates, partner churches/organizations, donors and friends to plan on going to NC and already make steps to get there (e.g. saving money, looking for cheap flights, etc.). Pray for God’s provision for everyone, especially students and those coming from the provinces. Pray for safety in travel.

PROMOTIONS. Pray that we will have wisdom how to extend our reach creatively through different means so we can reach different types of folks (e.g. print media for the seniors/older generation, social media for the younger generation, etc.).

PROJECTS. Pray for the worship album project that it would produce a collection of worship songs that can be used at NC and beyond. May God inspire our musicians to compose music that reflect our indigenous culture and our experiences as a student and graduate missionary movement.


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